Retirement Annuities

Planning for retirement? Ready to Retire? Already Retired? Annuities can help you meet your financial goals in this period of uncertainty. Planning for retirement is a process that should be started long before you actually retire. Experts recommend that you save on average 10% of your annual income every year to fund your retirement account. For many investors choosing the right savings vehicle is the toughest decision of all.

There are many tradeoffs between risk and return for investors planning for retirement. If you are like most planning for retirement, you are looking for the best possible yield at the lowest possible risk. This is where annuities come in. A deferred annuity is a safe and smart alternative to higher risk stock investments and the meager returns on savings accounts. Deferred annuities combine the security of your principle and a competitive rate of return to you, the investor.

Deferred annuities have long been the investment option of choice for many planning for retirement because any gains in the account are tax deferred until the money is withdrawn. How does this benefit you? When you are taxed on your gains (for example like in a bank certificate of deposit) you have less money available for interest to be compounded on. In a deferred annuity, these "would be" taxed dollars remain in your account and continue to grow until they are withdrawn. These increased gains result in a higher account balance when it comes time for your retirement. If you're interested in determining the rate at which your deferred annuity will be earning, click here to go to our deferred annuity rates table.

If you are close to retirement or are already retired, an immediate annuity may be just what you're looking for. An immediate annuity is an investment vehicle that immediately begins returning to you a monthly payment once the contract is put into effect. This annuity option is an excellent means of supplementing income for your retirement years. You can easily roll over your pension plan, IRA, or deferred annuity into an immediate annuity and you will only be taxed on the interest portion of your money as it is withdrawn, not all at once. If you're interested in seeing how much an immediate annuity can pay you monthly, go to our immediate annuity calculator here.

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